Erasmus Policy Statement of Cukurova University

As one of the most innovative and research-oriented Turkish universities in education, research and community outreach, Cukurova University values the importance of internationalization and aims to enhance its international profile including European and non-EU countries. To reach this target, our Erasmus and International Student Office ( put great efforts in choosing potential partner universities that have a common vision and mission within our internalization strategy. Thus, these offices have also been in charge of initiating new protocols to cooperate with the partners not only in European but also in non-EU countries in Asian and African due to our geographical position. Additionally, a recently established programme by the Council of Higher Education called as Mevlana Exchange Programme aims at making provision for the exchange of students of undergraduate and graduate levels and academic staff under the regulation dated August 23rd, 2011 (num: 28034). Within these two programmes, our internalisation objectives are to promote international networks/partnerships, to build a competitive advantage by leveraging our knowledge and resources in the region, to encourage internationally recognized, leading-edge research with regard to academic staff and students of Masters and PhD degrees. Through the programmes mentioned above, it is expected that Cukurova university will foster international double/multiple/joint degrees. To achieve this, our university improves the recognition of studies abroad by strengthening the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, proposing incentives in European programmes to improve implementation, and working through the Bologna Process. Thus, the top workforce of the university will have the direct governing responsibility for the mentioned degree programs for the following framework 2014-2020.

Institution's strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects under ERASMUS programme.

With a view to fostering cooperation through various international projects with both EU and non-EU partners Cukurova University is committed to
-disseminate information through EU Information Centre (EU-i) in order to inform students and staff about the national and European educational and cultural activities and to encourage them to participate in these activities;
-reinforce mobility and cooperation within the continuing Bologna Process;
-enhance the potential for national and international projects through the Project Office which is in charge of dissemination of the existing projects;

-establish and maintain international IP projects; and
-initiate research and educational projects such as Jean Monnet, Erasmus Network, Comenius, Gruntvig, TEMPUS, Vocational Education Training Programmes (VET-pro, TOI), and Youth Programmes.

Modernisation Agenda of Cukurova University in ERASMUS programme

The modernization of Cukurova University is parallel to modernization agenda of the EU. The main strategic aim of our university is to maintain both quality and quantity by improving the quality and relevance of higher education and by increasing the number of higher education graduates with high profession prospects. Thus, elective courses given in our university allow exchange students to design their curricula to best fit their own personal and career goals. To reach that target, common core program for all disciplines provides opportunities for students to gain additional skills alongside with their major during their exchange study. Moreover, Internationalisation Division of the International Office was established to integrate an international dimension into education and foster international cooperation and exchanges. In this regard, the expected impact of our participation into the programme (Erasmus for all) is to strengthen cross-border co-operation to boost higher education performance. Cukurova University aspires to increase the competence and motivation of academics and retain the high quality academic staff by catering for their needs such as better working conditions and continuing professional development. As part of the modernization process of Cukurova University, priority is given to strengthening the "knowledge triangle", linking education, research and business which increase the employability of our university graduates. In addition, specific provision is made for designing learner-centred curriculum and for making the curriculum gain a multi-disciplinary nature. Thanks to visibility and transparency of the education system, the University aims to contribute to regional and international business and investment. Overall, higher education-business cooperation through student placements will maximize the impact on the economic development and business.